Digital Marketing Tips for SME’s

Effective digital marketing strategies for small and medium business

  • Have a website

    A website is the face of any business on the internet and it is practically not feasible to take advantage of effective digital marketing strategies without having a website. So, make sure you have your own website.

  • Use a brandable domain name

    When you start a website, the first thing to take care is to make sure you are blocking a domain name that matches the brand name of your business. It is a good idea to include the business category also in the domain name but avoid length or keyword stuffed domains that make it look like unprofessional. For example, if you are running a small travel company, it makes sense for a company called “Red Pepper” to use domain names like “” or “”. But avoid names like “”

  • Block the custom URLs for your brand in all social media channels

    Once you decide a brand name, the next thing to do is to block your custom URLs in all major social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter etc. Once you block a custom URL with your brand name, no one else can block the same. On the other hand, before you choose your business name, it will be a good idea to see if custom URLs are available for your brand name. If your brand names are already selected by others in the popular social media channels, you may consider appending the business category to your name to create social media URLs.

  • Do basic search engine optimisation (SEO)

    Make sure your website clearly mentions your brand name and some of your business keywords in the website’s content, headings, and titles. IN case of large businesses, their website will appear in search results without any of this optimisation since they will get a lot of attention in the form of references and links to other websites. But small businesses have to depend on search engine optimisation to make sure their website is seen in search results. SEO is a technical task and you may want to take help from an experienced SEO consultant. SpiderWorks Technologies have a scheme for small businesses in which we offer 1 hour free SEO consulting. This free SEO offer is only for small companies owned and operates by a single person. In case of medium sized companies with more than 1 staff, we do offer very cost effective SEO packages, which include a single day service package at very affordable cost.

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